Seattle Girls Choir Website

It was my pleasure to redesign the website for Seattle Girls Choir. They were ready to turn their old-school boxy layout into a more modern full page spread with a simple clean layout. I always enjoy digging into the inner workings of a site that was designed by an earlier web developer because I learn a lot by seeing how they constructed things. I left much of their functionality in place and cleaned up some antiquated code. The old theme dovetailed nicely with the theme I like to use. I was fortunate in the fact that they provided me with very professional photos and a logo designed by a skilled graphic artist on their team.

Seattle Girls Choir

Regina Sadowski Website

I built this website for the talented, lovable and enthusiastic violin teacher, Regina Sadowski. We were able to keep it straightforward and cost effective because she arrived with a plan in mind and well-written content. She had even drawn her own logo. She was easy-going and gave me creative freedom when it came to the design. I think the black and white is clean and sophisticated and reminds me of a musical score. I also like the subtle splashes of color: a warm brown to match the violin and a bright blue to complement the brown.

Regina Sadowski website

Karen Kalkstein Website Upgrade

Another of my oldest and dearest clients was ready to move her site to a WordPress platform where she can do her own edits and keep pace with the rapidly changing evolution of technology. This was one of the first sites I built and it was gratifying to be able to give it a needed upgrade while maintaining its original layout and design.

Karen Kalkstein

Snow Lion School Website Upgrade

Snow Lion School has been one of my oldest and most loyal clients for many years. I designed this site back in 2012 and built it in Dreamweaver, coding and styling every page myself. It’s amazing that it was still running smoothly and with no glitches seven years later. This client was ready to migrate the site to a newer platform to ensure it would be responsive and able to continue performing flawlessly. I rebuilt the whole site on WordPress and was able to modernize it a bit while keeping the same general layout which we still love.

Friends of BCSIS Website

This is another of my favorite websites. I was given total creative license to design this fun website for an elementary school, Boulder Community School of Integrated Studies. I love the vibrant spectrum of color and I even taught myself how to assign a different hue to each menu button. I created the banner headline in Photoshop and gave it the same palette as the menu and the five square buttons below the photo. Believe it or not, it wasn’t until after I had built this homepage that I found the photograph in a collection of images by the talented Kirsten Boyer and knew that it would be perfect in this layout. I learned all sorts of new things for this site, such as how to embed a video onto a page, how to set up a PayPal button and how to incorporate a calendar of current events.

Friends of BCSIS

Horizon Clean Energy Logo

I designed this logo for a clean energy company. We explored many different approaches and finally decided on a simple clean green look to go with clean energy.

Horizon Clean Energy

Westcott Designs Home Website

This website will remain one of my all time favorites and it has inspired a wonderful new friendship with this creative and insightful client. She is a multi-talented artist who designs furniture, paints canvases, and offers interior design services to name a few. It is fun to collaborate with someone who has an excellent sense of design. We went for a modern clean look with a stretch layout and beautiful photographs.

Westcott Designs Home

Doerr Architecture Website

I converted this website to WordPress and made it responsive. Websites really need to be responsive these days so that they can be viewed on a variety of devices from mobile to desktop formats. Much of the design was previously in place before I came along, except for the slider which displays a rotating variety of full page photographs just below the menu. Mostly, my job was to figure out how to translate the rest of the design elements into a language that WordPress could speak.

Doerr Architecture

Marian Salley Logo

This therapist asked me to create a logo for her based on an illustration by Annie L. Bailey. She even received permission from the artist. It was fun to reorganize the elements of this drawing to suggest that the birds are gaining freedom from their cage. I used watercolor washes to colorize the birds and a circular format for limitless possibilities. The drop-shadow gives it additional depth. I think the bird that breaks beyond the boundary of the circle is a particularly successful aspect of the design.

Annie Bailey

Wonder Spirit Website

I really enjoyed this kind sweet client and her beautiful photographs. I find that many of my clients are in the midst of launching new careers and I love interfacing with people during these sorts of life transitions. This client ended up changing course and pursuing a different career and so this website was never fully realized nor did it reach fruition, but it was a fun journey nevertheless.

Wonder Spirit

Body Beautiful by Julia Website

I’m honored that Julia liked her logo so much, she has now hired me to make her website. We see eye-to-eye aesthetically and it’s a pleasure to work with such an organized and visionary client. She knew exactly what she wanted and presented me with a navigation map, impeccably edited copy, professional photographs and well thought-out content. This is definitely the most efficient and cost-effective way to go about getting your website built.

Body Beautiful

Chris Barge Website

I absolutely loved making this website for Chris Barge who is running for Boulder Valley school board. We forged a really nice friendship and I ended up volunteering on his campaign team. It is a privilege to work with this group of dedicated, talented, funny and hardworking people. Chris is an inspiring leader and a man of integrity. His sincerity, passion and optimism are contagious and will serve him well as he continues to fight for greater equity for Boulder Valley students. I am heartened by the knowledge that there are so many amazing people like Chris and his team giving their all to affect positive change.

Chris Barge

Chris Barge Yard Signs

It’s very exciting to see the yard signs I designed all over town. There is a lot of positive energy fueling this campaign! Everyone you talk to says they’ve seen the memorable school bus graphic that represents this amazing candidate!

Chris Barge

Chris Barge Logo

I had so much fun designing this logo for Chris Barge who is running for BVSD School Board. I think it really says ‘schools’ within one second of glancing at it. It will go on yard signs, t-shirts, stickers, promotional materials and campaign mailers.

Chris Barge

Snow Lion School Advertisement

I have created many ads for this wonderful preschool. Here is my favorite one. It borrows elements from the website I built them and a photograph by the amazing photographer D’Ann Boal. It appeared in several issues of Boulder County Kids.

Snow Lion Ad

Kendall Laird Design Website

Would you believe it took me three and a half years from the time I started my web design business until I made myself a website? The color scheme matches my office walls and bookshelves. I originally designed the logo for my photography business and it may evolve over time. I took a photograph of all my graphic design art supplies to emphasize the fact that I still enjoy working by hand and then marrying that with computer graphic programs. I believe it gives me a multi-dimensional understanding of design. I achieved the painterly look of the photograph by applying a Topaz filter. Fun fact: The green color pictured here and on my office walls was inspired by my cat’s eyes.

Kendall Laird Design

Animal Envoy Logo

This is the logo for a handmade jewelry business that takes its name from a Joseph Campbell quote. The hand print was inspired by ancient petroglyphs and the wolf print embodies our animal nature which ties us to our primitive selves. The font complements the rough outline of the hand and I love how the ‘l’ and the ‘y’ work together to mimic the aspect of the pinky finger.

Rememorate Logo

This logo utilizes fourteen different images and was quite an epic feat to design. It’s for a digital subscription service that stores and organizes family photos and memories. Fun fact: because the original logo was created as a vector image, it can zoom in infinitely without pixelating. So we had fun enlarging the dog’s collar and writing the name of my client’s daughter on the tag. You can’t see that on the web optimized version here but you’ll just have to trust me on this.


Pivotal Parenting Website

This website is for an amazing parent coach and all-around kind/sweet person who was looking to be portrayed as approachable, inviting and compassionate. The color scheme she chose is bold and friendly all at once. I think the banner image, colors and inspirational quotes are the strengths of this site. It’s another example of a website that successfully conformed to a specific budget and was completed quickly and efficiently.

Pivotal Parenting

Pivotal Parenting Logo

I played with all sorts of bird designs before settling on this pretty flock which seems to illustrate beauty, freedom and liberation. It was fun to draw each bird and to position them in relationship to the text so that they looked forward-moving, randomly spaced and diverse in size.

Pivotal Parenting

Robin Goldstein-Lincoln’s Website

For this site I stuck to a basic theme and inserted content without adding much in the way of layout design. My goal was to keep it simple and within a budget. In this sense it was a success. I especially enjoyed taking the time to teach this friendly and enthusiastic client how to navigate and edit her own content. She was a quick learner and has been able to take charge of all of her website maintenance and updates herself.

Robin Lincoln

Elizabeth and Jane Logo

I love how this logo turned out. My client, who is a writer, knew that she wanted to incorporate an ampersand and her signature glasses into the design. These two elements ended up fitting together beautifully. I chose the American Typewriter font, which says ‘author’ to me. I especially like the way each of the letters relates to the ampersand. The ‘e’ echoes it’s figure eight shape and the ‘j’ hugs it perfectly. The diagonal composition emphasizes that same diagonal line in the ampersand as well creating a dynamic layout.

Elizabeth and Jane

Whole Pets Website

I’m learning to embrace WordPress as a platform for creating websites. Many clients prefer it since it offers them the ability to log in and update content on their own. At first the themes, which act as design templates, felt too restrictive to me, but I am exploring how to dig into the code and have more design autonomy. I built this site for wonderful local holistic pet food/supply store.

Whole Pets

Body Beautiful by Julia Logo

It was such a pleasure to dream up this logo for a wellness coach. I loved pairing these fonts and choosing the combination of colors. It was a joy to work with this client who is reliable, decisive and has a great design sense.

Body Beautiful by Julia

Yorgy’s Secret Sauce Website

Yorgy’s Secret Sauce is a culinary treat that is especially delicious on salmon. This client realized a long time dream to bottle and market his secret recipe at his local farmer’s market. I borrowed all the graphics from the very talented Lara Papadakis who designed the label for the sauce.

Yorgy's Secret Sauce

Cat Dailey Website

This artist does stunning paintings that range from photo realism to fantastical illustrations. She’s also a talented graphic designer who created the layout for this website. My challenge was to figure out how to translate it into html.

Cat Dailey

Snow Lion School Website (Version 1)

I built this website for my children’s preschool. I like to joke that I will sneak a photo of my kids into every website I make. I think the colors, layout and photographs are the strengths of this site. I taught myself how to insert the small square photographs into a content box and then give them negative margins in order to pull them outside the borders of that box. I also learned how to make a slideshow of scrolling quotes within the blue stripe that divides the page in half.

Snow Lion

Karen Kalkstein Website (Version 1)

I recently built this website for my favorite artist. Her goal was a clean and spare minimalist look without any design gimmicks. She wanted her art to be the sole focus. It was fun to learn how to make an image gallery to showcase all of her work.

Karen Kalkstein

Meadowdale Kinderhaus Website

My second website was also for a preschool. My client, a gifted teacher and beautiful human being, was seeking an earthy/natural aesthetic. My favorite aspect of this one was the handmade paper on the left and right margins. I scanned actual paper with floral includes.

Morning Glory Playgroup Website

I’ve built my very first website. I used Dreamweaver and coded every page myself. I was proud of myself for drawing the bird/flowers and then figuring out how to fit them into the background image to give the illusion of a border. It required some unusual margins. I loved the fact that I got to be the photographer as well. This is a new preschool that has no clients yet so we posed my toddlers as models. I’m grateful to the kind and supportive Charlotte who gave me my first opportunity to be a web designer! She also happens to be an amazing teacher.

Morning Glory Playgroup Logo

I love designing logos. This one is for a preschool and since its name is Morning Glory I incorporated the flower by the same name. I started the design process on actual paper because there is something organic about sketching by hand. I think it results in more painterly images, while computer graphics tend to be more slick and impersonal. I imported a line drawing into Adobe Illustrator where I added the color gradients and created a finished vector image.