About Kendall Laird

I grew up in my mother’s art studio and have been constantly immersed in some art project or another ever since. At Syracuse University I earned a BFA in graphic design and photojournalism. That was back in the days of developing film and building paste-ups and mechanicals by hand, which provided me with a deep understanding of the creative process. After college I was an outdoor adventure enthusiast and a freelance photographer during which time I discovered Photoshop and computer graphics. I went on to attend graduate school at the University of Northern Colorado where I got an MA in art history and a teaching license in K-12 art. After that I was a high school art teacher for 8 years, specializing in photography, ceramics, jewelry and graphic design.

In 2010 I began studying the technical aspects of building and coding websites. Combined with 8 years of art school and a lifetime of design know-how I have found web design to be a perfect fit for my personality, interests and skill set. I have always been drawn to the more technical art media: the darkroom, the potter’s wheel, the jeweler’s torch. Web design is a beautiful balance of technical and creative. It appeals to my perfectionist personality as well as my love for all things visual. I enjoy working collaboratively with clients to meet the specific needs of each company. I am thrilled to be cultivating my own business doing what I love.

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  • kendallamy@comcast.net